Moving to Johannesburg - job advice needed!

I am a British teacher moving to Johannesburg with my partner, his company are moving him there for 2 years. I am a qualified teacher with a degree in chemistry and I am looking for work in Johannesburg (we move August 2013) ideally in Bedfordview or nearby. A teaching job would be great but I am also looking at jobs in the travel/tourism industry as well as in the science and technology industry. I will be coming to Jo'burg as a dependent on my partners visa so I will have to apply for a working visa once I am offered a job, but I don't really know where to start looking - any advice?

Many thanks in advance :)

Hello bougar.

Welcome to! :)

Hope you'll be advised by other members soon.

To note that the Jobs in Johannesburg section is at your disposal.

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Hi Bougar,
I went to Joburg last year, just like you with a husband working there. I love SA, you'll have a awesome time :)

Just search online for schools and organization you would like to work, sent them a e-mail with your details and what you want.
Maybe it will be best if you don't find something before you get there, to volunteer at first. People will get to know you and it will be a lot easier to find something.
You could try wit university and teach English there?

If you want to meet new friends, try I had some very nice meeting with different woman.

If you've more questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a wonderfull time in this amazing country!