Relocating back to SA - need advice on Career and Salary

Howziiiit everyone .

I am currently staying in Dubai but I'm considering moving back to South-Africa ,soon!

I would like to know how the job market is ,specifically in Public Relations ,Account execs at Advertising companies ,Brand executives or Events Managers.

I have experience and a Diploma in PR and Journalism (internationally recognized)  what salary can I expect , im a bit out of the loop and I dont want to make unrealistic demands or negotiate for offers that dont make sense.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated .
I am from Johannesburg but I'm willing to work anywhere in SA. 
I have been checking out career junction and biz community . Any there sites I should check or forums.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated .;)

Hello Leigh-lu. :)

You have the Jobs in Johannesburg section at your disposal. Do not hesitate to post an advert.

I hope members will give you some feedbacks on labour market in South Afica.

Thank you,

thanks ,I will re-post it now :)