Career prospects in Johannesburg...!!!

Hi Friends!

I have recently received an offer letter from a company to be placed at Johanesburg.

I am in dilemma to accept the offer letter as I have the following queries / doubts:

1. Offer is R63000 per month (Pre tax) - Will it be sufficient to save adequate for a decent livelihood.

2. What will be the amount of tax deduction

3. Which would be the safe residential area as offic location would be around Woodmead Drive and with what rates for 2 BHK spacious flat

4. What would be average monthly expenditure per month of 2 adult and a kid.

5. Is there any restriction on repatriating any funds out of the country. If not, what are the charges for repatriation.

Thanks for your support and help start a new and fresh life @ Johannnesburg


Hi there,
is the amount R63000 per month (sixty thousand Rands per month?) of R6300 (six thousand three hundred Rands?). if if the later, (six thousands), I would discourage you to take the offer.

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Hi assem1,

Please note that your posting is quite vague.

Can you please give us more details concerning the sector in which you would like to work? What are your qualifications?

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team