There are a dozen car dealers in St. Lucia, easy to find.
Their contact info can be found in the online phone directory at

Driving is on the left, and there are a few casualties every year with foreigners who forget this rule.

Public transport is by private bus operators.  The 14-seater bus won't go if all the seats are not taken.
Make plenty of time allowance for waiting in the bus until it moves on its route.
There are fixed bus stops but in most cases the bus driver will stop for you where you need.  Just say "Stop please!" when you are near your destination.

Also, while on the road waiting for a bus to come, wave your hand at the approaching bus or the driver won't guess your intentions.  Some drivers flash the lights as if to ask you whether you need a ride, some drivers don't.
Remember: you are on your own.

There was Government talk to improve the public system but no solution has been implemented.

Taxis are in excess numbers.

Hello I will be in Saint Lucia for six months and am wondering if there are long term car rentals or leases that would cover that length of time?  Any suggestions?