St Lucia? Right fit?

I'm hoping someone could give me an opinion on whether St Lucia is a better fit for a single, white, female middle class, easy going artist entrepreneur with two dogs?

I'm Canadian, but have grown up a TCK.  I've lived down here before, it's not a problem

of culture clash as much as stereotype/classism clash.

I'm terrified stuck in the house bleeeeeding $$$$$ I don't have, and shouldn't need to be, avoiding all humans so I don't make waves in simply asking for what I agreed to. Aka a functioning rental.

I would rather be somewhere actually dangerous with crime where I have ways to protect myself, than any situation ever where I have no options or rights to protect myself.

Now I'm being told to do things and accept things that aren't right if I want to stay essentially.  And make my budget bigger than an average Canadian yearly income to secure any new place at all. I have no support system to help me make decisions on where k draw the line and how.

I have an out on my lease, ideally it would be nice to find somewhere to settle and call home, but at this point anywhere I can just live quietly while I regroup is better than the situation I find myself in now.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about but don't want to say?

Im thinking less populated, more Canadian middle class expats, maybe means I won't be in the movie mean girls entire island edition as much?

**no judgment not saying things aren't the way they are for a reason. Lovely places and people everywhere. No shade overallll. Just not suitable to my niche demographic in any facet of life.

Wonderful place to be in . i guess you will enjoy here .

its safe as lot of other nationalities are here too.