Anyone familiar with the SDA Academy in St.Lucia?

Basically my husband and I have moved from the states to St.Lucia recently. I am St.Lucian but have not been back for the last 20 years. We have a daughter, 13  who currently attends the International School in Rodney Bay. Recently, someone told me about the St. Lucia SDA academy. They said it was in good standing in the country with high academic excellence, so I thought I might check it out. However, Our daughter has been homeschooled all her life which is why we choose ISSL(smaller school, smaller classes) but I want her to enjoy the St.Lucian experience, while being in a somewhat small setting. Since the SDA academy appears to be run by a Church, I like the idea of principles and morals., I am worried though,  about the classroom sizes and how well my daughter will adjust.  So do you guys know anything about the SDA Academy? Please share! Any information would be appreciated.

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I know this might be a little late as school starts next week.  Probably one of the biggest differences in the schools would be choosing between the North American system vs British System and whether/where you want to send your daughter to post secondary schooling off island.  If the thought is to send her to North America, then she will have to go back to ISSL for Grade 11 & 12.  Most expats or returned Lucians choose to send their children to either Bonne Terre or Leon Hess for the Brit system and ISSL for North American.

Our lads (14 & 17) are both home schooled in the Canadian System as the online system from Alberta works really well for them.

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Thank you dragonlady. daughter seems reluctant to the whole homeschooling again. :) we have narrowed it down to ISSL or an online program. Making a decision this week. Your input was much appreciated. :)

hi i will like to know if adults can come to this sda academy to do cxc

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hi i will like to know if adults can come to this sda academy to do cxc

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What if a prankster posts the wrong information here putting you out of the game?

If you run a search for 'sda academy st lucia' on Yahoo, you will get so much information that you won't have time to read it all ... :D

Here is the contact info from where you can get the right answer with the latest news straight from the source. … tyID=13957

We are SDA and are thinking about moving there this summer.  Are you still in the country?