Living in Saint Lucia guide for expats

All the information you need to relocate and live in Saint Lucia.

About Saint Lucia

The weather in Saint Lucia is pleasant throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius. The hurricane season runs from June until November.

The island has a fascinating history. It was a disputed territory between Britain and France for many years and changed possession between the two countries approximately 14 times. Saint Lucia eventually became independent and a Commonwealth state in 1979. Saint Lucia's legal system is based on the Civil Code of Quebec and English common law. The country is also a member of Francophonie, an organisation which connects francophone nations from around the world under the umbrella of the French culture.

Tourism is the main source of income for St Lucia, and the tourism industry is the country's biggest employer ' it accounts for around 65% of the GDP. Agriculture (bananas) is the second biggest source of revenue. Offshore banking is also moving the economy forward.

Quick Information

Currency : Dollar
Area : 616 Km2
Population : 160922
Calling Code : ++1-758
Timezone : America/St_Lucia

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