Women clubs and support for spouses of expats

my husband is offered a job in St. lucia and since he usually works long hours, what are the possibilities for the spouses to socialize,i am 33 years old, speak fluent english and russian, have a small 2 year old boy and waiting a second baby. thanks it would mean a lot to know what I can expect.

There is a Mom and Tot group in the North end (Rodney Bay area), they meet once a week for coffee and chat.  You will also see alot of Moms at Sportivo Gym between 8:15 and 9:30 am, after dropping the kids off at school.  If you want to message me once you are here, i can put you in contact with the ladies of the Mom and Tot group.

We love it here, we have 3 kids (two at the International School) and a wee one still at home.


Hi everyone..we are planning on moving to Saint Lucia to join my husband there. Does anyone here know what kind of visa me and our daughter will need to acquire and how long does it take to get it? I would really appreciate any response so thanks in advance

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My husband has been offered a job in St Lucia, I have 2 little boys aged 3 & 6 years old, please can I contact you? I have lots of questions about family life on the island and schools...
many thanks

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Thank you Christine... yes that would be very useful. Please can you send me the link? many thanks

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