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hello first off from chicago, illinois. Will be traveling to St Lucia in 6 months as part of a 8 day southern caribbean winter cruise getaway and fact finding mission. Would like to meet expatriates from the United States aand in addition ask questions and such that am not able to find answers to. For example am getting nowhere when I have spoken or emailed staff at the st. lucias travels and convention bureau (or words to that affect, nor travel blogs such as

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must say am looking forward to my winter southern Caribbean cruise this forthcoming January.

I had always been told about the friendliness and such of saint lucia and yet after trying to speak with various folks at the St.Lucia chamber of commerce and such I been getting nothing but frustrations. Keep telling them that will only be in St. Lucia for 8 hours as part of my 8 day Caribbean (expatriation fact finding mission..what better way than via cruise) and as such dont wish to deal with travelling logistics when I arrive in the Castries cruise port.

For example, no one has been able to answer this question of mine pertaining to the Soufries:

What is the best mode of Expedient mode of water transit from the Castries cruise port to (and return trip) the Soufries?
I ask as told that land travel can be a lengthy ordeal. For example the Carnival cruise line tells me that a roundtrip trip to the Soufries from the Castries cruise port is 2 hours. I also know that in my numerous cruise throughout the Caribbean, there have always been local shore excursion and water taxi/catarman, shoreline cruises and such.

sorry if talked at length here yet many thanks

Travel to Soufriere (sulphur in the air) from the port in Castries should not be a problem. Most of the tours go to that area for the Diamond Botanical Gardens, Piton waterfall, Sulphur Springs, etc. You would probably get the best idea of the island if you travel one way on land and the other by sea - again, I think there are tours that are Land and Sea tours that will fit this need. We hope to be there by January and may be able to help further. What specific info are you looking for?