From Canada to Saint Lucia

My name is Blaise and I am from Alberta, Canada. I am Retired and would like to spend 3 - 6 months (Nov - May) in St. Lucia.  I would like to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom place within 1 km of markets, swimming pool, Caribbean, tennis court, etc.

Any related information would be appreciated.


Hello and welcome on board, Blaise !

Please note that I have created a new thread from your post on the Saint Lucia forum since you have some specific questions.

In regards to accommodation, you can create an advert in the Housing in Saint Lucia section of the website to get some offers or try airbnb or booking to start with then once there, you can search for a long term rental.

I am having some issues accessing the official webpage for Canadian visitors to Saint Lucia : … x?lang=eng

Will it be your first trip ?

I hope members of this forum can guide you.

All the best


Yes....1st trip would be in the fall...Thanks Bhavna for assistance!

@Blaise1969 Hi Blaise! I'm wondering if you have had any luck navigating rentals?

We are also in Alberta and looking to spend Nov-Feb in St Lucia. My husband is currently in Turks and Caicos working and his next job will take him to St Lucia where myself and our kids hope to join him. We are finding it difficult to find rentals that are not vacation rentals which are quite a bit more expensive.