How to make friends in Saint Lucia

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Saint Lucia :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Saint Lucia??

Thanks in advance for your participation

How to make friends in st lucia

I would recommend if you're on island for an extended period
-join a club eg ; rotary, tennis ect.
-The local resturants and bars on a Friday. That's when everyone come together after work to relax.

Places to visit.

- Golden taste in Gros Islet
- The cook up
- Baywalk
-Rodney bay Marina

Thanks i will give it a  try butvst licia is not 1758-712-6623what it was few years ago rodney bay is like a ghost town these days with a handful of tourist sadly to say and things are very expensive with recent levy of tax

Hi, making friends in slu is quite easy.  depeding on the crowd you want within your friends circle, is more about timing as opposed to places.  we're ruling out ghettos and fetes.

scope out the rodney bay marina where you get a decent social crowd from morning to night.  there are bars and restaurants where first you can get to know the waitresses, bartenders and restaurant superiors - they will gladly introduce you to others.  infact they will introduce you as their own friend.

if you're into sports, all sporting facilities (land, water, air) form a social background.  St.lucian's recognise new faces easily, and with a smile you can casually make introductions.

you can see what events are coming up for selected occasions, food festival, rotary golf tournament and lion's concerns, food and rum festival - these event allow you to meet and mingle with executive chefs and business persons, foodies, and the list goes on.

the island is small, there are many thrills to it and the people, locals and expats alike are beyond wonderful.  you have a chance to bask in st.lucian hospitality, grab it.

avoid street parties where you have no friends.  be rational and avoid places and people you should not trust.  time are tough, and as need become more dire, actions against you may be reckless, so take care always.

if anything, private message me, and i'll guide you further.