One Alphabet missing in the Employee's name in the VISA document

I received the Visa documents from the Kuwait employer. In the Visa documents, my name is printed correct in the Arabic language but the Latin Name (English language) is printed with one alphabet missing. That is, Instead of "Farhan" it is printed as "Farhn".

will it cause any problem after Visa stamping?

In the passport, during visa stamping the name will be printed as per the Visa or as per the passport?

Should I ask the Employer to send the visa document again with corrected name?

Please suggest me.

Thanks in advance!!

Good day Farhan

From my experience there should not be a problem as Arabic is the main source of information.  Thus the immmigration guys would look at the Arabic and then possibly the English. 

I had an issue with that and asked for my visa to corrected in terms of the English spelling.  This took an extra three weeks.  Afterwards when I got my residency visa the same spelling error was made in the English.  Immigration (?) dropped an "a" like in your name so now all official documents (RV, Civil ID, DL) are spelt wrong but I still travel in and out of the country.


There are also mispellings on some of our papers and I was told by a well-informed Kuwaiti who deals with visas for my husband's company, that it does not matter, what matters as they will look at the name in Arabic or the name on your passport.

Thanks for sharing your valuable experiences.


@Farhan11 I am facing the same issue. I received my visa 3 months ago however it had many mistakes, name errors, gender errors, and passport expiry errors. after 3 months I finally received a new visa today itself, as the old one had to be canceled.  This new visa has an error in the last name i.e an alphabet error. I was again disappointed, however, HR informed me the same thing that it's the Arabic name that matters and not the Latin name. so tiny name errors are fine. I even got it confirmed from the embassy myself. it's completely not a problem they mentioned.  As long as u don't have some major errors like in my case, it's completely alright to move ahead without wasting time on correcting the tiny name errors.

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