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I went to Price Mart's home page today. Has anyone used them to buy anything?Seem's like the price's may be more then a little stiff.But i suppose if you couldn't get it in the DR, you'd proberly buy it cheaper on line at Sear's, even E-Bay.And have it shipped here.And still save money. Just wanted to ask. Thanks. Mark

We have Pricesmart in Santiago and 2 of them in Santo Domingo.  Yes some things are expensive but they often have what you cannot find anywhere else.  So it's important to know your prices and to know what things are worth to you.

Buying items online is a whole other game. First of all you need to find it online and pay their shipping ie Target etc.  You need to have an account with a freight forwarder in Miami who will take delivery for you

Then you pay shipping by the pound to the DR. AND if the items or item is over US 200 you pay  taxes and duty!!!!  So you need to be very careful what you buy.  For example a 32" flat screen TV that costs US 300 will cost almost  US 100 to ship from Miami to SD. and they will charge you 40% Duty on a TV and they will charge you 18% ITBIS.  Hardly worth it as the prices on those same TV's are becoming more reasonable here.

That was just an example and the prices etc are GUESSES. (Although i did actually look at the cost of shipping a 32" tv for someone)  I just saw a 32" HD TV for 22,000RD in the paper the other day.

It can be well worth it to buy smaller less expensive items and ship them here. A friend just bought specialty diving hoses and cost of shipping was US 5. Well worth the savings on purchasing in the USA.

Hope that helps.

Planner has given  you good advice. We have found it is much cheaper to buy here rather than ship unless what we buy can fit in a suitcase.  The duty and taxes here will kill you.

Remember too there is a yearly membership fee with Pricemart (about $35 or so)

Bob K


is a freight forwarder the same as a courier? i noticed caribe express pack or something like that receives packages and there is a UPS in Cabrera. I've also heard there are individuals who do this as a private business.

by the way bob, we sometimes go to cabarete or sosua for groceries and may go to the upcoming jazz fest. would you be interested in meeting with my husband and I (and our 2 kids who are always in tow now) for some expat talk?


Lori Glover

Caribe express is in the country. A frieght forwarder is for big stuff rather then what a mail forwarder is for, although the lines have blurred a bit.

Using an individual - pretty risky.  I use CPS, keep my purchases under US 200 and never pay tax.  I  purchase things I cannot get here or are way too expensive here and keep an eye on the weight of the item!  Makes no sense to pay shipping for a 5 pound bag of flour but I might pay it for a 5 pound bag of M&M's.......LOL  :D

Hi planner, I realized you said that you try and keep your items under $200.00 dollars, why is that? And what is the heaviest item you have shipped through CPS? If I were to bring a 32" flatscreen in my suitcase costing under $200.00 would that exempt me from the taxes? Just curious as to the reasons you keep your purchases under $200.00? I noticed that once a year for Xmas, the government allows Dominicans to bring big ticket items tax free if they have not been to the island 6 months before the set dates, but Bob mentioned that only citizens have this break; residents do not get a free pass on this one :-(

Anything under US 200 will not pay duty or taxes on the purchases, over 200 and you PAY!

And that is correct only citizens get a pass at Christmas!  And there is a $$ limit but I have no idea what that is. 

no idea about the TV in your suitcase honey, sorry can't help with that.

Thanks planner, for the info, by the way that car site you posted on the other post regarding buying a guagua. My brother in law contacted just now and will be buying a car from them next week.  Great post as always :-) Love this site and all the wonderfull help it provides.

Thanks!!!!!  Feedback is  like pay for us!!!! LOL

Be prepared to explain that the 32 inch tv only cost $200. The customs people often have their own evaluation of things. And may times not based on reality.

If they open the bag with the tv (a good chance they won't) be prepared to pay regardless of the actual cost!

Bob K

And always bring your receipts....might help, you never know!

I was thinking the same thing planner, bring my receipt :-) at least I would have something to haggle with.

Yes take the receipt for sure, but don't be surprised if they do not agree with it. TVs seem to trip a switch for the customs guys

Bob K

It sure does trigger them!!!!

They seem to have radar for all electronics and computers

Bob K

Ha Ha Bob you are surely correct about that, last trip they thought my massage table for a big screen TV! They unzipped and unpacked the table completely!!!! I was surprised they let me sneak in the little 16 inch I brought with me, they even ran it through the scanner, but I had a worn sticker on it that said monitor just in case.  I was going to say it was for my personal use on my vacation, might be hard to pull that off with 32".  By the way Bob, went to see L. Today but school was closed, either way I sent her an email to set up a meeting. T will be the next stop. Thanks.

You are welcome and good luck.
Bob K

Massagwhiz - please bring your table and come to my house!!!!!  Today,  now, please.....

HaHaHa planner would love to, but I did not bring it on this trip :-( Last time I brought it with me was last October, and they scrutinized it so much on that trip thinking it was a TV that I did not bother to bring it back, but once I'm here officially, I will have it with me, and you will certainly be welcomed to a massage :-) That is the least I could do after all the sharing you and Bob do here on the forum ;-) Bob already has a therapist, but he is welcomed as well.

What a nice offer! I will gratefully take you up on it!


Bob K

Is CPS caribe pack and ship? how do you use them when ordering something or having family send a package from the USA?

NO   CPS is nothing to do with Caribe, caribe pack or Caribe Express.

Use the link I posted, set up an account. It gives you a MIAMI address for packages, letters etc.  Anyone can send to you at that address.  CPS  forward the package or whatever here to the DR, to whichever office you are connected to.  They have offices in various locations!  YOU pay about US 5 a pound for packages and you can calculate the cost on that website.

thank you, but where is the link?

i may have found it with google Can packages be sent to the US through them as well?


nglover :

Yes, offices in various places:

We have been using them for many years, good service.

nglover :

Can packages be sent to the US through them as well?

Theoretically, yes. But it is more like a one-way-service.
CPS uses UPS, DHL or FEDEX if customers want to send things back to the US, and their rates are prohibitive IMO.

For having things shipped from the US, there is also the "blue barrel" service:
You can have a 55-gallon drum filled (e.g. by a friend) with almost anything and then have it sea freighted (by agents who specialize in that service) and delivered to your door in the DR.

We are having such a barrel (for the first time) filled in NJ at the moment and will see how it turns out.    :unsure


I have sent a few things to USA via CPS - it is great for small things but not good for larger or heavier.

Can you give us the contact info for the Barrel service please?

And sorry the CPS link I had posted on another thread.  Glad you found it........

yes, please. contact info for barrel service and do let us know how it goes. Thanks to everyone for all the advice. Planner, I was thinking of your M&Ms and wondering what delicacy would I be willing to pay $5 a pound for! Could be a fun expat question. Ha ha.

Interesting idea.  I will give that one some thought!!!!

I would pay $5 a pound just to have real sweet potatoes year round.

Bob K

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Yeah and 1500 some odd on DR1 as well as 11,400 or so on Trip advisor...

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Can’t you plant seeds and grow sweet potatoes ? Now that you say that about sweet potatoes, I have not seen any. 🤔🤔🤔

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