Looking for some genuine friends!

Hi everybody!

Just got here, looking to meet make  a few friends, and though I met a few nice people so far, I haven't met anybody yet who I got really well with.
People i met are genuinly nice persons, but not quite interested in the same things.
I'm looking for people who with to exchange some good conversations, people who read, are curious about the world and have fun doing some art stuff, or whatever.
I guess I'm not making much sense but I never had to go through a website to meet people, so I guessed I'm not quite clear about how to "describe" the kind of person I'm looking for.
Thing is, there is no description, just want somebody who to feel myself with and who would feel the same with me!

yes there is i am here. so which part of San Fransisco you at

This thread is dated 2010 Portia.:/

Hey Julie,
My name is Joel, I'm from Brazil and I'm going to SF for an exchange course. I'd like to meet people there to hang around. As you can see on my profile I'm interested on theater, movies and general conversations. I wish I could meet you there when I arrive.
Let me know if it's possible
take my email ou my facebook account ( Junior di Jesus) so we can talk.
Hope you get interested
Your sincerely

Hello Joel and welcome to Expat.com! :)

As Harmonie said above, this thread is dated 2010.
I suggest you to start a new thread on the San Francisco forum with a small introduction.

Thank you,