Just arrived in SF

Hello everybody!
My name is Alice, I'm French, and I just arrived in the city. I'm here for at least one or two years and I would be happy to connect with the international community in SF!

Welcome to the forum Alice!;)


Hello Alice! : )

Welcome aboard & to the SF Bay Area. 
I hope everything is going adequate for you.

Hey Alice, I'm French too. I have been here for 1 week as I got here the 21st of August. I'm gonna be here for 1 year and I'm looking for other students to share experiences and go out.

i am yet to get there but i would love to be your friend

Hi everybody!

I'm new in Berkeley and looking for some people to hang out with!

Hi everyone.!
I am new to this and want to be connected with it..

Hi stevecrawl > why don't you start a new topic on the San Francisco forum and introduce yourself?

Thank you.

Hi, my name is Opoku Abraham, i am glad to be your friends..
Nice to meet you..