Hello my friends (new to the site)

Just wanted to say Hello to you all and introduce myself my name is Shaun McClendon residing here in the Bay Area and looking to connect with the Bay Area's awesome International Community if you guys are looking to make new friends and hang out at some awesome places feel free to drop me a line and stop by the profile to learn more about cheers to you all!!!


Hi Shaun,
My name is Alice, I'm French and I arrived a couple of weeks ago in SF.
I work here in a law firm and I'm here for at least one or two years.
I would be happy to connect with the International community here too.

Hi Alice,

First off let me say welcome to SF! and thans for yuor response awesome wish we would've talked last week there was a great event at the Internations event held at the W Hotel I will msg you my email address let's definitely chat :-)

Thanks Again,