Are there Indian groups in San Francisco, would like to meet fellow Indians.

Hello AnitaY.

Welcome to Expat.com!

Can you give us a brief introduction please? :)

Here is the Indian expatriates in San Francisco.

Thank you,

I am a management consultant and I am a filmmaker , live in San Ramon I travel extensively and shoot my travelogue, I love to raed fiction and non fiction on philosphy and psychology , spiritualism.I love meeting people.

Hi Anita,

I'm sure you'd find many groups matching to your interests in SF. I haven't been exploring that in the US really. A few years ago I had tried meetup.com as I wanted to play Volleyball. It wasn't bad.

I live in Houston TX and since I've been here for a long time, guess I'm just getting complacent with not trying out meetups with no more.

Now you've prompted me to stick my neck up again! Thanks :)

You take care, and keep fit!


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