What is Taraz like?

Hi I'm likely to be moving to Taraz and I wondered if anyone can tell me what its like there. I have been searching the Internet for information but there isn't very much. Things like restaurants, entertainment, what do I have to look out for? is there anything I should bring that I can't get there etc.
Would be be grateful for your help. Oh and I only speak English so would it help if I started to learn Russian?

Hi keithwlp,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Language classes in Kazakhstan section, this can help you find some Russian courses. :)



Taraz's big recent claim to fame was a revolt against Nur's people and the ensuing bloodbath as a result of such.  Think there was 3 fatalities...Do a search on CNN or BBC from about 2010 or so...You should find it...

I was there for the official opening of the school recently, it was a 3 day trip so I don't claim to have any real on the ground experience. It is rural and has a small town feel, if your a big city guy or want access to the a social or expat scene then you might want to ask for a different region. The teachers at the school were friendly.  The Principal is a young English speaking guy who impressed me. Like all of KZ , Russian is spoken widely and knowing it at even a basic level will help you a lot, it is a predominately Kazakh speaking city however. If you do go I can recommend a Dughan Chinese cafe where the waitress was fluent in English (student)

@ I don't care, my trip there was on an AN - 24 and we touched down on a grass airfield :-)

@KP - ???

Taraz is a small city indeed, also it is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan. The city is livable. There are many other impossible to live places (even for me, as a Kazakhstani citizen) around Kazakhstan, where expats do work with such a pleasure :)) (I am talking about Oil and Gas industry). Former name of the city is Djambul. Different nationalities live in there- Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek... they have their own Uzbek communities within the city, btw Uzbek old ladies bake the bestest bread in the city (which is tandyr nan). They have Talas river.
Not aware of the entertainment places, last time I've been there like 100 years ago :)) My grandma is from Taraz, I have relatives living in there.

Of course, learning Russian is necessary.

Hi Thank you for your reply which was very useful.

Could I add you as a contact please?

Hi Keithwlp,

Yes sure. Have added you already :)

I did my Peace Corps assignment in a small town about 100 km from Taraz from 1997-1999.  During my second year I visited Taraz during the weekends to help develop the Rose Caplan School.  The school is still going strong so you should visit it if you have time and help out.

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