Kazakhstani cuisine


When living abroad, tasting the local cuisine is part of discovering the country.

What is your favorite food in Kazakhstan?

What is the local speciality?

Share with us the local tastes of Kazakhstan and why not your best recipe.

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Hi Priscilla,

So you are from Mauritius, a very nice place... I have family in Quatre Borne and used to go quite often... I miss the beaches for sure! :)

If you like Samosa in Mauritius - you will have to try them in Kazakhstan... Word has it they were originally brought to India from Uzbekistan... Although quite different, Samusa here in Kazakhstan is HUGE by comparison and there are many different varieties...


The main dish here is called Bishbarmak - which is an acquired taste...


I will try and provide proper pictures another time ;)

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Are you talking of "Samosa" as in here https://www.google.kz/search?q=Samosa&a … VkCYzfM%3A

I have no idea about the Origin but in India, they look different from what you are holding on your hand now :)

I have posted a photo of Kazakh National Food "Beshbarmak". It is boiled horse meat and home made boiled pasta. Do NOTE that every Kazakh house will have a big plate (as seen in photo) to serve this dish!!

I realise why I can't post photo here. Will try in next post.

I am not able to post photo. :((

I can! :D


... and yes that's what I was referring to ;)

Please please recipe for Bilini with curds.  I have tried so many times and it's not the wonderful recipe that I enjoyed.
Also "stuffed chicken leg".  Both enjoyed at the Skif Hotel, Petropavlovsk 2004  / 2005.
Thank you so much !