Threats of violence towards Expat men

The Kazakh public has reacted strongly nationwide to the scandal of violence against men by other men because of issues involving women that both me know.

If you are unfamiliar with this issue, refer to this link: … 80731.html

This is not an issue for Expats to ignore. I have personally seen or have received credible information about threats being made against Expat men who have been seen in public or private spaces with ethnic Kazakh women by ethnic Kazakh men.. There is a thin line between threats of violence and violence, so this is not an issue to be taken lightly.

Many Expats do not know Kazakh or Russian, so their ability to understand the words being said by the threatening male are limited. However, threatening behavior does not need a translator: it is obvious when one experiences it. The threats are made in public or on the telephone. The threatening person has no idea what the Expat and the ethnic Kazakh women are doing together, and it really is none of their concern. The point is that these ethnic Kazakh men make it their concern, and do so in loud and threatening ways.

I have come across Expats who take this reality oh, so lightly. The danger is that you are not a citizen of the nation and you do not really have many advocates for your social rights. In this realm, perhaps a social media campaign would be useful (albeit in English ?) when incidents like these arise within the Expat community.

If it is any solace, I know of a Kazakh person who is very tired of these incidents occurring and is planning some forums to discuss it. Let us wish them well in their endeavors. Perhaps you can organize similar parties or discussions where you live.

i strongly encourage single male Expats to use caution in social settings with Kazakh women, because, while there are many Kazakh people who could care less who you are seen with in public, there are some who will find an issue with it, and they have no reservation to let you know how they feel - vocally and possibly violently.

Zhamaliev purportedly demanded that Zhumagulov break off relations with his girlfriend, who had previously dated Zhamaliev.

Why is this an expat issue?
It's a jealous man beating up someone over an ex girlfriend.

Hi Fred, I don't know if you have worked or lived in KZ for a while, but in my experience and observation there is an underlining "fear" or "envious"  or "jealous" trend towards expats. It is normal at an "Developing" countries with expats "assisting" or advising or consulting with various governmental/technical/educational/hospitality environment. It happens, but its how people deal with it that includes the locals as well as the expats.

Well, I am against violence in any form or shape. But let's not forget what many of these expat men are, i.e. Married men with families in their home base countries, having Kazakh mistresses. In that case I can understand the rage Kazakh guys have against expat men.