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I noticed that a lot of the thread here deal mostly with Astana and Almaty.  I am applying for a job in education in Aktobe so  might be there in 4mos or so. 
    For those of you living there, native and foreign,  what makes the city unique in your opinion; is it the people, the history, architecture,etc?.  What is the character of the city like compared to other cities in KZ; is it busy or laid-back?  What is the cost of living there like compared to the other cities; is it the same price or cheaper?
    Thank you!

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I hope other members will share their experience with you about life in Aktobe.

Do not hesitate to contact us and suggest us more cities that you think could be added in the Kazakhstan forum.

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I am an expat that has been living in Aktobe for 2 years. I prefer the city as it is less spread out and feels a lot more personal than Almaty. The cost of living here tends to be cheaper than Astana or Almaty or even Atyrau. Given a choice of any city in KZ to live in I would chose Aktobe, Astana would be second. I love it here and best of luck with your move.

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I am an expat that has been living in Aktobe for 2 years.

Thanks for the great insight kazpat.  I'm looking forward to possibly being there.

Hi slimchung,

I am not expat, although I do meet quite a lot of them during my job, so quite aware of issues you might face.

I am from Aktobe, although I do not live there anymore. The city is small and quite, in comparison with Astana or Almaty, and relatively cheap.

City has one major place for meeting is Mega Aktobe, which has nice restaurants. During summer many people visit football, which is very popular in ktobe and you even experience traffic jams in those days.

Most of young generation will be able to communicate with you as they all learn english at school.

Have a nice time in Aktobe

Did you ever end up teaching there? I've been offered an art teaching position in Aktobe. Trying to decide if I'm going to take it.

How's the Internet service? Can you pay for better Internet if you need it?

Can you buy fresh fruits and veggies most of the year?

Do you feel safe a reasonable part of the time?

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hi bryan

we are an family of expat who will be moving shortly in Aktobe.
i m french and my wife russian. are you already in aktobe?

Domi- I will be arriving in Aktobe at the end of August. My biggest hurdle has been shipping. To send using UPS or FedEx, a 20"x20"x20" box from the US it will cost nearly a thousand dollars. Nothing is worth that much to ship. Of course, I can pay for extra luggage on the plane ride over but lugging all that around makes traveling in country burdensome. What's your opinion on this? Thanks!

About to start work in Aktobe, what life like:
Food (varieties and prices)
Weather between September-June
Internet & Broadband speed and restrictions
Television channels (English speaking)
Leisure and sporting activities
Radio stations (Musical choice)
Best place to exchange from USD/STG to Tenge
Banks (choices, international money transfer and general service level)

How about just normal postal services instead? Is the postal service reliable?

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I'm not an expat, I live here in Aqtobe and would be pleased to share information about Aqtobe life with you.

Welcome to our city!


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