Gluten Free

Hi. We're seriously considering Kazakhstan for living. I'm a sufferer of celiac disease and my son is gluten intolerant. Are there flours and other things in the gluten free genre that are available in Kazakhstan?
Thanks for any info.


I've googled about gluten free food in Kazakhstan. That's what I've found but I guess here you will have to buy stuff online.

And also we do have Interfood grocery store, they say they also have gluten free food, food for those with diabetes and etc.

But these websites and comments on them are in Russian, unfortunately.


Oh ridiculous, they've blocked all the links I used in my response.

If you still need information on that, you're welcome to inbox me.


Hello to everybody.
This post it's very old, but I'm interested about gluten free food in Kazakhstan. I should go in Atyrau.

There is anybody that can help me?