New arrival, HELP!

I will be a new arrival and am have issues finding an apartment in Barranquilla online.  ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated (realtors, areas, etc).  I want the move to paradise to be as easy as possible.  Thanks and cheers!

Hello jhouser.

Welcome to! :)

The Housing in Barranquilla section could help. You can post an advert there.

Thank you,

Thanks.  I will look into that.


Acobo de llegar a Barranquilla tambien ! Soy una estudiante France y voy a hacer un periodo de practicas.
Porque eres a Barranquilla ?


Hi Gwenaelle and welcome to!

Can you please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand?

Thank you,
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I'm a new arrival in Barranquilla, I'm a French student and i will do a training period in Barranquilla.
Why are you in Barranquilla?


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