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Hello, I would like a real estate professional to show me a list of homes in the Pereira area in December. I am looking for a home to purchase . Price range 200.000.000 cop ---- 430.000.000 cop. I desire at least a 3-4 bedroom house, with at least 3 bedroom. I prefer a new development but will consider an older unit at the bottom of my price point . In addition , I will consider renting for 6 months until a year. Rental price range 450-750 usd.


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Golfersmile,  I hope you are aware that the real estate market and the "professionals" in Colombia are not at all the same as they are in the US.  Friends of my Colombian wife tried their hand at this profession for a while.  Apparently there is little to no licensing requirements or policing of it.  Never more apt would be the expression, "Caveat emptor", "Let the buyer beware", as it is in Colombia.

The best advice anyone could give you, and the best advice you could take, is not to buy anything until you've lived in your target area at least a year and know the ambience, your neighbors, how life is lived there, and the general ebb and flow of the market which is often much slower than what we're used to in the US where we have many protections for both the buyer and the seller mandated by law.

And maybe the second-best advice is, as a foreigner you should consider carefully all the many advantages of being a renter rather than an owner.  It's a different real-estate world in Colombia, you're not in Kansas anymore...

If only it weren't so difficult to actually rent in Colombia.

Not to mention your exposure to liability as far as taxes, lawsuits etc. Once you physically own assets in Colombia

Thank you for the information. I am aware that i am not i  kansas considering i have purchased in Brasil, Dominican Republic and have lived in Colombia before as well. My better half is 100 percent Colombiana . I am quite familiar with Pereria considering i have rented there before and have traveled extensively ( over 110 stamps in 5 years in the passport).
I was looking for a person to show me a few specific properties i have been researching for the past 6 months.  Thanks for the advice and comments.

Golfer Smile's looks like you know what you are doing...the main issue is using common sense and not to rush...good luck !

That is so true. I will be very cautious and prudent. A lot of things to consider is the lication and the estrato system, especially since taxes and utility rates are based on this in Colombia. I appreciate the information.

some guys have made tons of money in real estate in Colombia.

Not me though. I only lose it. Best of luck to OP.Seem sto know the risks.

Dont worry, I cant even get anyone to tell me what a good EPS is in Armenia.

Are you still looking to purchase an apartment in Pereira?

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