Housing in Santa Marta

Hello everyone!
I might get a job offer for Santa Marta.
Can I get any info on housing in Santa Marta? I mean two bedroom apartment.
What would utilities would cost?

Many thanks,

Hi Dragan,

We have an article on Accommodation in Colombia in our guide:

Accommodation in Colombia try to have a look

You can also post an ad for your accommodation search on the housing in Colombia section.

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You could look at Locanto which is like Craigslist:

http://santamarta.locanto.com.co/Aparta … iendo/301/

One listing I see is for 600,000 COP/month for a 2 bedroom apt. which includes all services.  That's about $200 USD/month.

Also just do an internet search for
colombia santa marta arriendo apartamento
...and you will get many hits.

You will also find apartments by walking around, talking to people and looking for signs in the windows, Se Arrienda, For Rent.

When you first arrive you can already have lodging booked for a week or month or several months, using airbnb which often has very reasonable rates:

https://www.airbnb.com/s/Santa-Marta--C … ide%5B%5D=

Santa Marta is a desirable area and a resort area so the prices are often higher than other areas in Colombia.  Like real estate anywhere, you can find cheaper places to live a bit away from the main attractions.