Our Favorite Hotels in Colombia

My favorite hotel in Medellín, the Dann Carlton Medellín, has cut its prices way back during this pandemia, at least for us booking.com "Genius" (level 2) members.

The Poblado-sector hotel features two restaurants, room service, an incredible and properly heated swimming pool, an exercise and massage area and spacious, renovated rooms.

I have stayed at the Dann Carlton Medellín four times.  Among hotels in South America where I have been a guest, I consider this hotel's staff to be top rate -- courteous, efficient, appropriately friendly.

The location is about a ten-minute walk from the raucous Parque Lleras (JEER-us), so the noise and pollution levels are not problematic as in the Lleras zone.

The location is an easy walk to a great Carulla supermarket, Parque la Presidenta, several casinos and the Golden Mile shopping/buses.

The property has superior landscaping.  Half the rooms face the adjacent parque, so the views and ambiance are bucolic.

Now that prices have dropped, I will schedule a trip to Medellín for una estancia during the first half of 2022, and I know where I'll be staying.


I do not receive compensation of any type for discussing this hotel, booking.com or any other hotels I may recommend on this site.

When traveling in South America or the USA, I usually prefer to stay in an apartment or an airbnb.com condo.  When in Medellín, this hotel is an exception.

Dann Carltons.

When I wrote the original post on this thread, I mentioned

that below-normal guest rates were available at

Dann Carlton Medellin during The Situation.

As we enter March 2023, those rates have returned to

regular market levels, much higher rates being the fact

on certain dates such as holidays or holiday weeks.

There is a second Dann Carlton with a swimming pool

and still offering lower rates, also along Medellin's

Golden Mile.  It's called the Dann Carlton Belfort.

For my hotel stay now ending in Bucaramanga,

the management gave me a 19 percent discount

based on a stay of at least 15 nights.

In my experience, guests can expect

a discount of at least ten percent off rack rates or

rates available on the Internet, at Dann Carlton

properties in Colombia if they request it.

cccmedia at Dann Carlton Bucaramanga