Great rental property in Manizales

So I should start by mentioning that this doesn't really fit in the Properties section, largely because I'm not the owner.This is about a furnished 2-bedroom AirBnb unit that I've been staying in for the past 2 months, but I'm now moving to Armenia, so it's available as far as I know.  Now I don't know what your experience has been with AirBnb, but up until renting this unit I DIDN'T KNOW that if you switched from renting by the day to renting by the month, the price drops anywhere from 20% up to 60% or more!!!  Once I started searching for long term rentals I quickly found that many fit my personal budget of $350 or less per month, and this apartment in Manizales, with fees, is just under $290 a month, so a real score imo.Some of the great features about this place is that it's fully furnished, HAS HOT WATER in both the shower and kitchen sink (a REAL plus in my book ;?), comes with a stove AND OVEN (great for baking), a washing machine and fast internet service. On top of that the location is great - it's located right near the Via Panamerica and a ped-bridge which is also about an 8-10 minute walk to the main bus terminal, which also has a cable car that gives you a quick ride to the upper part of Manizales, so you have quick access all forms or transport buses and taxis right outside your door.  And btw, despite the proximity to the busy main street, it's not really that noisy (something I worried about initially) and the bedroom is near the back of the house so it's really pretty quiet and won't keep you up at night (unlike the last place I rented in Pereira).BEST OF ALL the host, Alex, and his mother and father (who live in the apartment above) are all very nice people, very accomodating and helpful, plus his mother is a very good cook and meals are available at a very reasonable price! This, btw, is the main reason for my posting this at all - they are such nice people, and it's such a great, affordable unit, that I felt compelled to share this in hopes that some other lucky individual with find this a perfect solution for your long-short term housing needs ;?)I'd like to post the AirBnb listing here (if it's not allowed I suppose the moderators can just remove it ;?):

Thank you! $350 is my housing budget also, so good to know even a long-term furnished Airbnb can be found at that price.

Just today, a Quindio Influencer was touting Manizales as his favorite city in the world for the upteenth time. I think he specifically likes the part of the city that is way up the mountain and relatively flat, with all kinds of international cuisine.

After living in Cuenca for about 10 years, I think despite Manizales' 7,000 ft elevation and rainy weather, I would have no problem adapting. However, I heard an expat named Turtle had to move to Medellin or Bucaramanga on doctor's advise to seek lower elevation.

@N.Barley Don't know about the "mostly flat" part, maybe I just haven't found that part yet (especially the international cuisine lol), in my experience this place is about as steep a terrain as I've ever experienced, I mean I can get seriously gassed just walking a dozen blocks ;?D But it is a great city, lots to recommend it over other places, although for me it's been a bit too cool/rainy lately (but then I'm new to Colombia so don't have a lot to compare to ;?).

Actually, we are looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath   unfurnished unit in Manizales,  minimum 80 m2

We just spent 8 days in Pasto

Believe it or not, people in Pasto are more friendly than in Manizales

Not sure why that link is still under review, does anyone know if Expats has a forum policy against linking to sites like AirBnb? I know they don't want people coming on and advertising willy nilly as that could lead to a deluge of spam posts. Maybe it would be better to simply have interested members PM me for the link ;?) And again I'm not the owner, just wanted to help out some nice people (but then again that's probably what some lying spammer would say, lofl ;?)

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We usually do not accept external links unless they are from government/official sources. This allows us to monitor all the information that is transmitted on the forum

Moreover, already has its housing section. If you want, you can add a housing advert in the Housing in Colombia section.


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@Yoginee Well if you'd read my first post, I AM NOT the owner and have ZERO vested interest in the apartment listed and so do not feel that that section was where I should post this. I just really liked the hosts and thought I'd help them AND the Expat community by letting folks on the forum know that there's a very affordable place for anyone looking for one in Manizales. I know that when I first came here looking for that kind of information, there was very little available in my price range!

So anyway, if anyone is interested just PM me and I'll give you the link ;?)

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The post doesn't fit in the forum as well. I would suggest that you recommend to members whenever they ask for accommodation.

You may also request to owners to post an advert in the dedicated housing section.

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