who play table tennis in jeddah??

any one who play table tennis in jeddah??
and who knows any club or place for Table tennis?

Hi ahmed1590,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Wish you to find members interested to play. :)



ahmed1590 :

any one who play table tennis in jeddah??
and who knows any club or place for Table tennis?

Friend, I am interested to play table tennis.

Friend I am also interested in play table tennis!


I'm interested in playing Table tennis
can you please advise where we can play with some good conditions

Can someone help me where i could find a place where we can play table tennis its my sports anyway hope you know where we can play here at jeddah thanks for the info.


Out main challenge is to find a good location to play, and we may meet their,
Can you please advise any location where we can gind gd tables and a gd location

Dear All,

I also interested in playing table tennis. Any club here or place to play table tennis?


You can visit golden hand billiards hall in thalia st. Jeddah there is a expatriates table tennis club there called JETTA

Hi car70 ,

Please show the google map location of the hall and please share the details of using or accessing the hall .

Thanks . :)

im searching for a table tennis spot in Jeddah.. anyone has any idea??

Hi guys

Yes am interested  too. I've been  playing  for  many  many  years  and can't  get  enough. I am a Dr. [at] one  of  the  universities  here  in
Jeddah . We do have  a few  tables  scattered  around  the  university  and I do  play  during  the  odd  occasion  but  would  rather  join  a proper club. Please  let  me  know  if  I  can  take  part  in  your  club. I live  in  North Abhur. You can contact  me  here  for  more  personal  information. Thank  you  all. Dr. Abu  Yasin

There is a place that have lots of tables in Sari St. beside Jarir book store.

I'm looking for some good players to play with .. i'm back to table tennis after 4 years of stopping.

please contact me

regarding the golden hand billiards hall in thalia st. i would love to know the place as well :)

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I am new to town, i want to play it too even stopped  more than 10 years, but i still have the genetic advantage from my father. I live in kingabudula street. Let me know if you guys find any place.

I play Table Tennis (advanced) in Sairafi Mall Tahliah, on daily basis, looking for new players, please contact me if interested.

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I am in London at the moment and in shaa Allah when I get back I would like to join you guys.
Please add me onto your contact list **. Thank you. Dr. Abu Yasin

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Hello all

I invite you all who are interested to find table tennis partners to drop an advert with your contact infos in the proper section of the site : Sport partners in Jeddah


Hi Kenjee,

Do you know anyone whom I can play table tennis, intermediate player in Riyadh? i'm free today

Where can I join or play Table tennis here in Jeddah. girls should be allowed.

Well, I want to join this table tennis group too. Last time I played was years ago.

Hi Dr. if you are back in the city then we can have a game of table tennis ?

i like to play tennis, i am new to tennis and jeddah though :) if you like to play, drop me a line.

at al Bilad hotel

Hi guys, any updates on this ? hope you already formed a club that is actively playing so that I can join :)

welcome guys , i am player tennis and squash in jeddah at al bilad hotel

Hello everyone .. For people asking about exact location of Table Tennis club .. The one in Sari Street is equipped with more than 6 tables and as I recall the hour is per 30SAR.
location is:
[url=https://www.google.com.sa/maps/place/21┬░34'30.7"N 39┬░08'45.0"E/[at]21.575188,39.1436343,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d21.575183!4d39.145823]Map Location[/url]

I will take my dad tonight to try Al Sairafi Mall and will keep you updated .. :)

[url=https://www.google.com.sa/maps/place/Serafi Mega Mall/[at]21.5607782,39.1833815,18z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1ssairafi mall!3m4!1s0x15c3d047ceb19801:0x954a8ef9f899be4c!8m2!3d21.5606144!4d39.1846245]Link of Alsairafi Mall[/url]


Here we go ...
I just came back from there... The place in Alsairafi mall is awesome ..! Cleaner and they provide new rackets :) .. the workers there are more friendly than the one in Sari and smoking is not allowed as well .. "which I really liked" but on the other hand, the place is kind of crowded and there is no enough space if you are going to play smashes and fast games. I took an image for you reference


And yeah .. it's 40SAR per hour ..


Thank you
It's very kind of you
I will pass by the club in Sari and see it goes there.
Care to join me? and your father too.
I have been playing for over 35 years.
It would be nice to find a playing budy / partner
You can Whatsapp me on: xxx


Dr. Abu Yasin
King Abdul Aziz University

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Sorry Waleed, I just realised you said the place is in Alsairafi mall not Sari.
Ok, I will try to go there, but where about is Alsairafi mall please?

It's my pleasure :)

I've sent you the location of the mall before but it seems you didn't notice .. Anyway here you are the link again to Google Map location:

[url=https://www.google.com.sa/maps/place/Serafi%20Mega%20Mall/[at]21.5607782,39.1833815,18z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1ssairafi%20mall!3m4!1s0x15c3d047ceb19801:0x954a8ef9f899be4c!8m2!3d21.5606144!4d39.1846245]click here[/url]

you can save it to your mobile directly ..

Did you say playing for 35 years .. wow  .. So I will enjoy beating you sir .. :)))
It's just that I'm now in Riyadh for more than a month. We have a project with the UN and will hopefully finish it before the end of this year. So once I'm in Jeddah, I will contact you directly :). I will send you my mobile number here in KSA in a private message as it's not allowed to share it in here.

All the best :)

Ok  thanks  for  your  prompt  response 
I look  forward  to  hearing  from  you  when  you  get  back  from  Riyadh  and  can't  wait  to  get  beat cos  I  don't  know  how  it  feels  like! 😂
Yes  you  are  right;  sorry  for  sharing  my  number  here. I  thought  I  was  messaging  you  privately.
Take  care

Dear Waleed,

Do you know the opening times and days of the table tennis club at al Sairafi Mall? Also, do you know anything about Pongers table tennis club and if it is good, do you know its location?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

Nabil Khalfey

Hi Guys, I am a beginner/Intermediate table tennis player.. i have a table tennis at my place.. looking for practice partner(s).

You're most welcome .. PM me for my contact info.

Location : Al Rehab - Jeddah

Hello Nabil,

Sorry for not replying earlier    :unsure
I think it opens the whole week including weekends. I prefer coming after evening because as you know everything is closed during prayers times so the best time to go is after Isha'a pray.

About those Pongers club. I've seen couple of videos of them on youtube "back 2010-2011" and they seem too good for me  :D .  I think they are from Philippine .. Here you are their page:

I suppose you can get in touch with them over there .. :)

I play table tennis in jeddah tajliya faisaliya in legends

i am beginner table tennis .

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hi friend, I play a little table tennis

Hi i am Carlo from JETTA you can play Table Tennis in the following Locations
Golden Hand Billiard Hall Thalia St.
Gamenet Sari St. Besides Jarir Bookstore


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