Volleyball for girls in jeddah

Does anyone here knows where women can play volleyball?

hi, its great to know that you like to play volleyball too! anyone here can also reply who  likes to play volleyball..then we can check for places like some guy who posted here before. he mentioned there the place where we can play volleyball (but he's no longer active since 2013 i think. u can pm me ur number then lets see if some other girls also plays there. ill also pm u my number. :)


We have group who play in khaldia , jeddah , enteramce for 15 SR, we play every mon wed, sometime motconpleted so we cancel

Let me know if you are interested

what time do you usually play on monday? Hope you can play on fridays as well. I really want to join. 😎


We play at 8pm to 10:30pm , some times we cancel due to not enough players , we don't play on Friday, but we can suggest it in group and see who is interested , let us see

That would be great. Kindly inform me for your next game. Thank you so much for the info


Please send ur whatsup no so I add you in group then u will be updated

Is this active still? Do you accept players who have basic volleyball skills?:)) id like to  join in!

Old thread and says girls only, but meh, no harm.

Do you accept a guy with a good serve but bad blocker :)?

Yes dear

Still active

Please let me know ur mobile no to add you to group


I would love to find a place to play volleyball. Is it still an active group?

Yes it is active one , u r welcome
Please send ur whatsup no to send more details

My no ***
Yes we have mix group

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Hi, if you're still active please add me to your group.

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