Attestation question

Hi All,

For Family visa do I need to attest the following documents  ?

1. Degree
2. Marriage certificate
3. Birth certificate of Child

What is the flow here ?
1. Get the original in English attested from MOFA ?
2. Attest originals from Saudi embassy ?
3. Translate Originals into Arabic ?

am i right ?

Do i have to attest Arabic translations as well ?


I don't think attestaion is needed on:
3. Birth certificate of Child
His passport will suffice.

Let someone else help on attestation procedures. I don't think your understanding is exact.

Thanks TLL: I will wait for others reply.


Okay. Here is a good one. Thanks to Google custom search box that's on right top corner on every page.

malik.awan wrote:

hey all,

document attestation is hell of a process in saudi arabia..especially if you bring your documents here with you and want to get them attested, i did the following

luckily i needed only 3 documents for FAMILY VISA
1- diploma
2- marriage certificate
3- birth certificate (in case if u have any children)

1- first you need to attest all these documents from MOFA (home country)
2- get them translated into arabic with trusted translators.
3- take these attestation to your (home) embassy and get them attested.
4- afterwards Finally take them to "wizarat kharjiya" MOFA (riyadh)

once its done you can easily apply for family visa..plz correct me if im i done the same for my family visa...

all the above documents + origionals

1- letter from kafeel (salary Certificate) it has to be attested from "chamber of commerce" ghurfa tijariyah....( get the letter and get it attested by yourself) its easy.

2- VISA form correctly filled without spelling mistakes. it needs to be attested from kafeel and from "chamber of commerce" again you can do it yourself if its signed by kafeel.

and thats it..deposit 2000 SAR in bank and apply for visa..hope this helps..

ohh  , it is really very tough ..

I am planning to do the following .

Do the attestation from MOFA (Stockholm)
Translate them from Stockholm,
Attest them from Saudi embassy (Stockholm)

and when above done ,take them with me to KSA for family visa processing.

any other advice ?


Do i need to attest the arabic translation as well ?


i am work in ksa as a material engineer since two year my iqama and visa as a material engineer,but this time ksa engineering council need a degree attestation from Saudi cultural and Saudi embassy Pakistan my degree already attested   from hec and mo fa Pakistan and i have a company letter for attestation from Saudi cultural and Saudi embassy this letter attested from  chamber of com race ksa,please Gide  i complete this matter .

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