Hi. I am new here

Hi everyone. My name is Uyen. I am from Viet Nam. Nice to meet you. :D

how ? I am also new aand from Mali! do you waant become a friend?

Hi Uyen very nice to meet you too.


Hi Uyen,

Good to see you on here.  Really like that hat.


Hi Uyen,
Nice to meet you.
Sorin, from Romania,Danube Delta


Hope you get on well and tell everyone about it. I admire people for making the move. Stuck here in the UK and in envy of you all.

Hello WR_0o0.

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Could you tell us more about yourself?


Karen :)

Nice to meet u fri , hope we meet u soon ok :) :D

Hi, how are you?
how do you feel in city? a little rain in evening
hope to be your friend and share ideas, see you next

Hi Uyen. How are you?

Hi Karen.  I'm Mark from San Jose, California.

[at]rocky7731 - pls note that Karen is part of the Expat.com team :)

hello, I am also vietnamese from France, I live now in PP.

Hi guys. How are you? I am planning to come back to Cambodia on 23rd December. Any one free to hang out? :D

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