Thinking of moving to Cambodia

Hi This is my first post I am thinking of moving to Cambodia in around 10 years time i will have afull uk pension and around $10000.00 canadaian i just need to be in a place with good food and close to the ocean any informayion on moving to cambodia would be very usfull does the HSBC of TD bank have a branch in Cambodia. i dont want to live in a city but i need internet and a good view of the sea
looking forward to your return post


I don't know about HSBC or TD, but Canadia has branches everywhere and a huge headquarters in Phnom Penh. 10 years is a long time. I've lived in Sihanoukville for 5 and it's grown enormously in that time. There used to be only 3 ATMs. Now there are dozens. New banks are popping up all the time, too. Home internet was expensive. Now even a fibre optic connection is affordable. I have a cheap connection and can do everything with it and I work online. At the rate it's growing, SV is likely to be as big as PP in 10 years.

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