Hello I'm new here and would like some advice.

Hi Everyone I will be moving to Cambodia from Australia at the end of the year. My parents are originally from Cambodia, I can understand and speak a little bit of Khmer. I somehow managed to get a permanent visa. Does anyone know if that means its ok for me to work there without a business or working visa?

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Also a quick flick through this forum will give you some insight.

If the permanent visa you are speaking of refers to the K-Visa, then yes, you will be able to work here without an Ordinary (E-Visa. Formerly called Business Visa) or Work Permit.

There is quite a lot of overseas Khmer, including many that have never been here before, that have returned (by choice or deportation) to Cambodia. I suggest if you have never been before I suggest that you prepare yourself for quite a culture shock. Speaking Khmer will definitely help you though. Do you have family here?

All the best for your move, and I hope that you settle well in your parent's homeland.

Hello thank you very much for the help.
I have been there only twice before. I don't really have any family there so I guess yes it will be a little scary. None the less I did enjoy my time there.

Thank you very much for the support. Will keep a post of my time there. Im sure I'll be ok but I guess it will take a little getting use to.

are u currently in cambodia?

Ok, good to hear that you've been to Cambodia previously, will make it a lot easier on you. Do you know what kind of work you'll be looking for?

I live in PP, but I am currently on a contract working abroad but I am lucky to head back every 2 months for 1 month off work.

Oh what sort of work do u do?

I'm not too sure with work. I thought about teaching English but i don't have a degree or anything. I'm a very fast learner so if I find someone who is willing to take a chance on me in something I've never done that will be great. I will have to start putting myself out there I guess lol.
I currently work as a dental assistant. I guess i wont know about work until i know where I will be settled first. I know wages there are a lot lower but I'm also happy to pick up and be more fluent in the language as well.

You lucky girl knowing the language!! Im looking to move to cambodia myself at the end of the yr from australia also. If ur keen to teach you can do an english corse online for like 200$ and ive met a few ppl who are doing english teaching there and are getting $11-25/hr. So its decent money!! You should definitely think of doing it online!!!

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