life in combodia

tell me guys how is life in combodia ? may be i will find job and come ,
is it safe and free ?

What do you mean by "safe and free" ?

safe and free like no one asks too many  questions , no one bother u .

I believe there is safety and freedom in Thailand, Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam.  I have been traveling between them for the last 9 months.  From the news reports of your country, I hope you find the safety and freedom you desire.  Best of luck....

Too many questions ?????
Sorry to tell you that they will ask you questions EVERY single day...
But it's ok...
It's just a way for them to be friendly.

Compared to some places it is safe, compared to the Police State that Australia has become, it is very, very free. Camboians acn be some of the nicest, friendliest, honest, sincere and uneducated people around. Then there is corruption/paying for what you want/need. Unfortunately that means it also attracts some of the most undesirable people on the planet. Then there's the lack of many things, including medical facilities and power, that many people in the west take for granted. The cost of living is low, most incomes are very, very low. It is much easier to stay and work and do business in Cambodia, than in Thailand. I guess you have to come, look, listen and learn, then decide if Cambodia is the place for you.

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