Hotel Recommendation Needed!

I will be Cairo recently, need experienced expat in Cairo recommend some hotel. Room for One person, En suite. best within 30 USD. and how much go to there from airport by taxi.


Hello?! anyone ?

First in which area you will be staying or have to work? Because commuting can take a lot of time!
You can search on tripadvisor for hotels and reviews. You didn't give much information!
Check also: … index.html

Hey, geely! Long time no see!
Thinks for the help. I already in Cairo, and find out probably nothing good under 40 dollars. Even the 40 dollars hotel that i stay, There some invisible bugs bit me on My every inch of skin! They say its a 3 star hotel and i want to laugh about it. The hotel manager doesn't care your complains, because they really don't have to, the hotel will be soon filled in after someone moved out. Speak of which, hotel business in Cairo probably worth to invest..
Find out HAVANA Hotel on Syria street, plan to move there after check out this 'bugmare' hotel.

There is also a youth hostel in down town. Good luck finding a bugfree hotel!

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