Sports, fitness in Dusseldorf


I moved to Dusseldorf recently. I am looking around for fitness and sport centre in Dusseldorf. But most of the gyms demand signing minimum one year contract. Also, I find them a bit expensive.

Could anyone suggest some nice not-so-expensive places for sports (tennis, squash, swimming) and fitness.



Have you looked into the McFit-chain that has cropped up all over the place? They are a little frugal in their amenities but with that even on a year's contract they are relatively cheap. And: You get to use any of their locations, I think.

City fitness 14 euors a month...have to pay everything up front though (year long contract... join a sports team??

Hey peeps, I am Daphney from Chicago. I've been very active as a teenager, sort of got off that in last 15 years. It's time to get back.

I am playing lacrosse at DSC 1899 they also have a gym (which is not bad for a gym in Europe), indoor and outdoor tennis courts field hockey as well so not a bad place... check it out

I like to know more about this topic if there is some Fitness without contract

sports clubs usually tie you in for a year I don't know of many ones that are pay as you go