I need help in translation

I got admitted at JKU Linz and I'm planning to move to Austria in September 2013 but when looking for information and especially accommodation, all the info I get is in German and sometimes I don't understand what they mean (regardless of the meaning of the word itself).
I have some forms to fill out and I just don't know how to fill them.
for example:
"Matura abgelegt am", should I write when I had my high-school certificate (the certificate I got at the age of 18)? or my most recent certificate (BSc certificate)?
In case someone can offer me help, I have a lot of other questions.
Thanks in advance.

"Matura abgelegtam" you should write when you get your high school diploma

send me a message if you have more questions, i'm austrian and i think i can help you, even if my english is not perfekt ;)

after you will get your diploma you should write

Could you please explain the following documents as well.


Thank you very much.

-Inskriptionsbest?tigung =  acceptance confirmation from the University. Before starting your studies you need to go to the university, inscribe = register yourself and then the university will inform you if your registration has been accepted
-Schulbesuchsbest?tigung = confirmation of school attendance, I am not 100% sure if report cards and diplomas are accepted and recommend to reach out to the AIESEC (aiesec.org). I am sure they can help
-Reifepr?fungszeugnis = high school diploma

Hope this helps :)

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