Looking for new friends in Linz, Austria!


I am a few months into my year here in Upper Austria (Linz specifically), and I am starting to feel a little lonely. I have made some wonderful friends here through my boyfriend (who I am living with and is a native of Austria), but the language barrier has been a struggle for me.

I took German in high school but it was so long ago and I didn't have anyone to speak with so I lost a lot of it. Before moving here I started to learn again and continue to learn now, but it is really hard to learn German when you are surrounded by the Austrian dialect, which to me sounds like a completely different language sometimes.

It can be really lonely sometimes and I would really love to reach out and make some new expat friends here in Linz. It's hard to really be yourself when you can't use the proper language to express who you really are. So meeting some other expats who are going through the same thing and wanting to be a part of a conversation they understand would be the perfect thing for me right now.

I would love if you would check out my profile and see if we have any similar interests :) Even if we don't have many similar interests, I love pretty much anyone and especially anyone that I can speak English with! (haha) I love meeting new people and I would love to get together with some other expats so we can help each other feel a little more at home and a little less lonely.

Peace and love to you all!


Hi, I'm from Florida and live in Linz as well! We can speak English together and we can also help each other learn german! Hit me back if interested.

Hi :)
We have a regular international table every Friday at the Tempelbar Linz.
Hofberg 6, 4020 Linz
At 21:45
Would be Great if you join :)

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