pensioners over 65 fit & well would like advise on a move to Tenerife

Hello my name is Sandra, and Keith is my partner.  Both 65,  retired, we are thinking about a emigrating to Tenerife.  We have done several holidays over the years, and often stay for a month at a time.  Any advise from ex pats already living in Tenerife South would be very much appreciated.. Sandra & Keith.

Welcome to Sandra & Keith!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.;)


Hi Sandra, welcome to expat-blog!
My name is Alain and I live in Tenerife since 1995.  Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Hi Sandra,

My name is Diane, myself and my husband have lived here for 21 years on the south of the island, no regrets, we live in a little Canarian village and love it. 

If I can help just send me a message.


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Hey there congratulations on the decision to move! Where are you thinking of moving, north or south? I've been an expat for 15 years, and 10 of those years in Tenerife, what sort of advice are you looking for? Are you planning to buy a house, open up a business etc? Let me know what ya need help with, and help shall be yours! :D

Hi I would like some advice on moving to Tenerife, please?  I'm looking to rent a 1 bed roomed apartment near to Las Americas, furnished, a long lease with a rental of €300 to €400 per month. Would this be possible?

Regards Denis.

Hi Denis,

I suggest you to post your request in the Flats for rent in Tenerife section please. :)

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Hi I'm trying to establish should you retire to Tenerife you need to put £5000 into a Spanish Bank?
Thanks Denis