Accommodation in Tenerife

I'm in the UK looking to move to South Tenerife at least for 3 months

Do yiu have any advice as to how and where to find a flat to rent

I checked the Idealista website which seems good but one flat owner there requested me to organise payment via Rentali who are an estate agent associated with Idealista

However a Google search shows that Rentalia reviews are poor with many people being messed around and loosing money without refund

Do you know of a safe reliable means of how I can organise a flat rental for myself in preparation for going there on July 1st?

Or any other advice?

I'm thinking perhaps to just book a cheap hotel room for the first week and ise that time to go see and organise flat rent directly

Many thanks

Hello Djmorphogen,

Welcome on board !

Till members guide you, feel free to read the Accommodation in Tenerife article, we have listed some useful ressources in the articles (websites).

You may also create an advert in the Housing in Tenerife section of the website to get some offers.

All the best


@Bhavna much appreciated. Thank you