Hello.  I may have a job offer to work in Tenerife. It will mean working predominantly in the South.
i have been looking for sites for rental homes but they all look quite poor.
Can anyone recomend some good sites. If successful i will initally be moving over on my own with my wife and 2 girls 12/10 moving in the summertime.
If anyone can also suggest good british schools and area to live it would be appreciated. Many Thanks M

Hi I noticed no one answered your question are you still
Going to live in Tenerife?  The best English school In the south is Wingate you can easily find them online it is around €2000-€2500 a term check it has been a while since I saw the website for rentals is decent. I have plans to live there permanently at a later date but we have property in the south so I know the area and was looking for my younger daughter for the future ☺️ Hope that helps