Ola from London (soon Tenerife!)

Greeting, I'm seeking help with moving to Tenerife, any information would be useful, especially finding a place to stay out there.
When you have to suffer a cold, wet, over-crowded London, I think you will perhaps agree that Tenerife is far better! :) London will have to manage without me.:P

I'm at the investigation stage and plan to head out there perhaps in April 2010, so a few more months of suffering and then escape.

Room for 1 more in Tenerife? I'm a quiet guy, I.T. geek and starting to learn Spanish, it's that serious! Oh yes, I miss the Sun too! :cool:

Thanks for reading this. ^_^ Nick.

Hi Nick - good luck in Tenerife. 'Ola' means 'a sea wave' (cool if you are going surfing). 'Hi' is 'Hola'.