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Hi There, I am Stephen. I would like to hear from people currently living in Tenerife. I have an idea I would like to live in South Tenerife at least  part of the year. The summers here in Valencia are too hot and the winters too cold. Any advice on where to buy a property would be most appreciated. I would perhaps rent first to be sure. I intend to make an exploratory visit in the next few weeks. (Ryanair fly from Valencia to Tenerife would you believe?) I like to be within walking distance of good restaurants, entertainment, gymnasium etc. I have an outgoing personality and I would like to find a new social circle and make new friends.

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Hi Stephen,

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I have created a new topic as from your post on the Tenerife forum for more visibility.

You might post an advert in the housing in Tenerife section as well.

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Hi Just thought I'd mention that the person (Kate) who wrote this is not a native English speaker - there are too many mistakes! I should be wary!

Hi rosbentley > thank you for your reply. :) I think you can also contact Eric_costa1992 via private message as he is off topic on this thread.

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Hi there,

I think Andalucia, specially Cadiz, has a great climate, the best in Spain! There are lovely places like Medina Sidonia, Vejer, Gazules... I really recommend it.

Hi Uke!
How hot are the summers and how cold are the winters in Valencia?
We were planning to move from Austria to Valencia because it is too cold and cloudy here.
Which part of Valencia is best to live with small children?
Sorry  - not the reply you expected!