Raids in Riyadh to implement New Saudi Law


Thursday 28 March 2013

Last Update 28 March 2013 3:55 am


Labor authorities, supported by police, have stepped up a major campaign to drive out illegal workers as well as those involved in cover-up businesses in different parts of the Kingdom. The move has triggered shock waves among expatriates, especially those who are not working for their sponsors.
Police have reportedly arrested a large number of expatriates for violating iqama and labor regulations during the past week, sources told Arab News.
Many shops and firms have been closed down in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam as they either did not have enough workers under their sponsorship or fear punitive action.
A ministry spokesman, however, described the raids as a routine measure.
Labor Minister Adel Fakeih said on Tuesday the government would not tolerate any violation of the Kingdom's regulations and that tough action would be taken against violators.
We'll intensify inspections in coordination with the Interior Ministry,” Fakeih said.
“The move is aimed at driving out illegal aliens and violators of iqama and labor laws,” he added.

Very shocking and said. The way the Saudi Labour Ministry is conducting this practice by arresting the foregin workers and throwing them in jail is not fair. Why arent the Saudi owners being arrested who have issued the free visa and allowed the workers to work in other companies.
End of the day Foreginers are the ones who suffer.

The word the Minister has used to descirbe the foreginer is "Aiens".
They forgot that these aliens are the ones who have contributed in building Saudi economy.

I am not in favour of the way they have implemented the law suddenly and started to arrest workers instead of giving them time to wind up.

What is your opinion on it?

Are you still on the outside looking in?  You must also have missed the police blanketing our neighbourhoods this last week stopping those on foot and in vehicles and checking their documents.  Workers know very well before they cross the border what visa they hold and their ability to work.  Particularly where the fake degrees situation is concerned.


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