Looking for a job


My name Afef Aouissi. I am 27 years old. I have a degree in Italian language and literature since 2008 at the Higher Institute of Languages ​​in Tunis.

I held various jobs:

- A year as a secretary at an Italian-Tunisian company.
- Experience continues with a Tunisian paint company  as a translator of technical (from Italian to French / English or English / French into Italian)
- 4 years as a teammate in an online bank "PayPal"
- Often work in hotels like "Touristic Guide", animator, ...

In my spare time i draw, I do portraits, free read, follow courses in Latin American dance and cook (Italian food is a passion of mine)

I speak Italian, French, English and a little Spanish and a littel bit Indian

Hello there,

I'm afraid lot of people speaks more then 2 languages and they do have big problem to find job here in southhern of Italy
I speak my self 5 languages but they never take in consideration my CV,  i think here is impossible to find job you must know people i mean recommendation if not just forget it.good luck

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