looking for a part-time job

Guten Tag!

I'm Portuguese, actually i'm living with my family in Mönchengladbach for about two months. I came here to do an intership in my study area, in Düsseldorf.

I'm looking for an oportunity to do part-time job.

There is anyone here that could know something?

For now,i don't speak the german language, which is a great disadvantage. But i want to learn it! ;)

Anyway, I'll try to get something to do besides my intership. ItŽs also a good way to learn the language and the culture.

Thank you all in advance or vielen Dank an alle, bye

Best regards


Hi Pedro and welcome to Expat.com!

I suggest you to post an advert in Dusseldorf Jobs section, it may help.;)


Thank you Harmonie!

I really appreciate your kindness.

Kind regards