Working as a Graphic Designer & Photographer

I will be moving to Germany at the end of the year, Düsseldorf to be exact. I have a German girlfriend who is currently working in Singapore.. and wants to go back home to work. She wants me to follow her. So I would appreciate some help to questions that are in my mind. Like, work, accomodation.. typical questions.
I am a graphic designer and photographer by profession. I have been to germany 3 times in the past three years. only during winter christmases :)

I have studied German and have got the Start Deutsch A2 cert.. but of course, conversing with my gf over here is not enough i feel..

Would i be able to get a Job in the above industry?

What are my chances of making it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. And I do apologise for the "duh"ness if any..

Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum!

Do not hesitate to browse through the forum, it may help.;)


Hello Bryan1 and welcome to! :)

You should post an advert in the Jobs in Dusseldorf section. It can help.

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Hallo Bryan1

this would help you a lot.