Jobs in Dusseldorf for English speakers

Hi I am a British citizen, I am planning to move Dusseldorf in couple of months time. Could you please help me with the job information in Dusseldorf for English speakers?

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Hi Rubel,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

Can you please tell us in which sector are you looking for work ? ;)

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Expat-blog Team


I have nearly 10 years of hospitality & fast food experience as a manager... And I also have sales, customer service experience .

M H Rubel

Hi Rubel,

I suggest you post an ad or your resume in the Hotel, catering, bar, restaurant and tourism jobs in Düsseldorf and maybe in the Sales jobs in Düsseldorf section please :D

I hope you get a positive reply very soon ;)

Best of luck ! ;)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Thanks max for your suggestion. I will definitely doit..


hi i am sara i have 22 and i want to live in london what i do please now i am in algeria

Hi Sara ,
First of all,  r u a student? It yes, then u can try to come here as a student to a recognised institution. It's very hard nowadays if u want to work.  If u r not a student then u can try other way.. Check on

Good luck

Hi, i just moved in duesseldorf and i need to find a job in english. i can speak french as well. i finished medicine last year, then i worked for a year in a pharmaceutical company. now i'm studying german and my plan is to take an intensive course and at the end of january to take the b2 language exam so i could get my aprobation and start working in the hospital. the only thing is that while studying german i need to work if you can give me some information... thanks a lot.

As there are many recommendations to post the cv here,  I was wondering if there is anyone who had a positive result on receiving a job offer. In othrr words, are recruiters registered here?

Hi ade7ade,

I suggest you to browse through the section jobs in Düsseldorf which is the most appropriate for job seekers.

Giving us more information about what you are looking for might be useful to better guide you :)

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

@Hasnaa,Thank you for your answer.

hi im 25 years old and im looking for a job in germany in farming or agriculture or stuff like this im living in israel right now but i have german passport and im planning to move to germany
thank you