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I am Prasanth from Kerala India, a s/w Engineer with 8 years of exp. I got an offer from dusseldorf  company. They are offering 2700 Euro per month and free transportation. they will arrange the  accommodation But I have to pay 300 Euro for that. Can anyone tell whether  it is a good offer or not? I am married and  have single kid. But First  6 months I will not  be taking them with me. Please provide your valuable  comments...


Even I got the same offer. I also have the similar experience as you. Is it from Datamatics ?

Yes its from datamatics only.. But now they said its on hold..

€300/month is a typical rent for a one-room flat or a room in a shared apartment - you will have to move to a bigger space once your family joins you.
€2700/month (before tax) is a fairly low salary for a university degree holder in IT with 8 years experience, but if you are thrifty, you and your wife and kid can survive on it. Savings are another matter, though - only possible with much spending discipline and no home trips!

Thank you beppi for the information

is it before or after tax?

Hello Prasanth,
Any update from their side? I mean as you said the offer is on hold so just want to know the status
and hows the interview ? are they hiring for Java/J2ee? If yes then what kind of questions do they ask?
Just curious to know the interview process, would really appreciate if you help me with the process

Hi ,

2700 euro is very less if it is your gross salary(Net+tax).
After tax deduction it might be around 1500 to 1600 and will be very difficult.

Hardly you can save 1000 max if you will be alone here.

So now up to you.
Not sure if you will get a visa or not as german govt rule for min salary to enter Germany is likely 4500.

All the best.
But once you will come here , road is clear.
You can try for other company after learning German.


Hi there! I'm interest about Germany. Please provide me Information.

What kind of information do you need?
You are welcome to read the various posts about life in Germany on this forum and then post a more detailed question here.
As it is, your inquiry is too broad to give a useful answer.

1.What are the universities, which are conducting Master degree in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management or relevant?

2. What is the entry requirement for the course and procedure?

EKU28: You can check for information on universities and the courses they offer. Entry requirements and procedures differ between universities, so you better ask at the ones you're interested in.


The offer istself doesn't sound unreasonable but this is almost 100% probably a scam if they contacted you.

This is a well know scam strategy and I found a website (below) that exposes such scams that specifically mentions one using the company name Datamatics going on since 2012.

The job will be "on hold" or some other excuse and never materialize. In the mean time they will ask for "fees" for visa processing, down payment for accommodation etc. It is just a clever twist on the "you won the lottery" type of scam.

If you want to be absolutely sure, find the company in the internet and contact them directly - and not just use the supposed number of address given by the scammers.

Unfortunately, you are far from the first person asking on this site about a job that turned out to be bait for a fraud. … mp;t=52058

Just wanted to add that I am running across other incidents of people posting on this site that are victims of similar scams.  I'll be asking the moderators to pin this thread as it is relevant to many if not most of this site's users.

Some scammers are getting clever. Most people getting the typical "you won the lottery" or "a dead relative has left you millions" scams recognize them.

But now scammers are targeting their victims with more subtle offerings. People advertise online that they are looking for a job. They might live in India or Dubai or where ever. The scammers then send a letter or email claiming they are taking applications for jobs in say America or Germany. They often use the names of actual well know businesses. The victims naively believe that it is reasonable that there is no face to face interview because, of course, they are half way around the world.

The reason they use the names of well-known businesses is that one will trust them. A serious offer would mean an interview with a local recruiter or at least one over Skype, which could also be a fake actually - but the lack of an interview can only mean it is a scam.

The better scammers have realized it is more effective to make things sound plausible rather than offering millions. More people are honestly looking for a job than gullible and greedy enough to fall for the quick riches approach.

In the end they mostly work the same. There will be unless excuses for why the promised job or winnings are not delivered and a request for fees for visa processing, accommodation deposits or whatever. Any offer asking for fees for such a thing are a scam.

When in doubt look at Google. There are various sites that list the scams going around. Also, find the business in the internet and contact them directly. Do not rely on the person answering the phone  number given by the scammers. It will never match the actual businesses' number. And any company big enough to be dealing with taking international job applications will surely have a website showing how to contact them.

Here are 2 sites that list specific scams, give tips on how to identify, or the possibility to report, scams:

And be VERY careful if payment is requested by Western Union!
While there might be legitimate uses of their service (e.g. for sending money to unbanked relatives in third world countries), most are scams and there is NO trustworthy business using them.If you need to pay something, aways insist on traceable and reversible methods like international bank transfer or Paypal!

Western Union is suspect but in some places there are not better options to internationally send money. I have a good friend who had a sail boat custom built in the Philippines which he uses when he visits. The people who care for it while he is in Germany rent it out for day trips. He regularly sends money for repairs, upkeep etc. Seems no banks there deal with transfers and Paypal somehow also doesn't work... Thus he uses Western Union despite its high cost. Never used it myself but it should be a fast option in even many remote places. But one would wonder why it is used in places with better options.

I have heard about job offer where a company were looking for a lawyer. They asked of sending CVs. It was very known issues even in local TV. Woman thought that it is a great offer, so she started to send more detailed informations which were required to get this job. "Company" having all those "required" datas opened bank account (in her name). Of course she did not know about it and then they asked her to send 1 cent as a costs of recruitment. It was needed as a confirmation that this is her account. She thought it was their account. Few months later she was accused that she has a giant credit in the bank and not pay!
So be carefull and not to send too much info and not pay anything to any bank accounts!

To open a private bank account in Germany, a third-party personal identity check (PostIdent) with the original documents is required.  It is not possible to do this for another person based just on information from a job application.

It was not in Germany, Beppi.

Hi Marta, you would agree, that posting it in the German forum under Düsseldorf can be a bit misleading then, especially after the original poster scam discussion was specifically referring to this town? Otherwise we can talk about all types of scammers - like a certain abusive billionaire  that have not paid any tax since 1997 in his country and are still not in jail because of this.

Not necesserily. New arrivals do not know German law yet or German bank rules so every information can be helpfull especially that nowadays we have so called globalisation. Person who lives in Germany also can have problems with scamers from abroad or they can be even German scamers which company or bank account is located in New Zeland or Honolulu etc. There are many combinations. My point was that it is suspicious and dangerous if recruter wants you to pay money but he even not interviewed you yet. And money for what? That they are interviewing you? So in general sending cv to anyone you must be sure who they are. Undefined companies, offers with no websites must be carefully treated.

Scammers nowadays don't need a CV (which most  people anyways have publicly on Xing or Linkedin): It is easy to find out enough information about an individual to do an online identity theft.
But there's not enough to gain froma "simple" identity like you and me to make us targets (other than a few Nigerian advance fee dumbasses, whom any half-intelligent person recognises in their first message).
The key to safety is a good dose of common sense, as usual: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Hi Marta,
I agree that we are giving too much personal information of ourselves, whether consciously or unconsiously.

Most probably these 3 generations of 20-60 year olds will go down in human history as the most self-damaging "facebook" generation, where breadcrumbs for misuse are left everywhere for even the novice criminals, without us pushing for more stricter laws and controls over those large companies selling it for profit as their major income. The scammers are in relation the most simplest and harmless  way of stealing- I would be more worried about how much google, facebook, whatsapp and microsoft , intel is selling about your most intimate behaviour, likes, preferences, under stress, or your personal limits when buying specials at ebay or amazon. It is called behavioural pricing : you or me looking at exactly the same product on the same page are paying different prices based on our location, our gullibility gained in facebook, our friends average income from their titles in linked-in, our location from google, etc.

For example - did you know the last 3 generation of intel chips processors from 2008 onwards have anti theft mechanisms that allows the chip  to switch on your notebook camera by itself and send captures, as a type of distress signal?. Of course this helps when your notebook is stolen - but imagine what hackers and agencies can do with juicy information if it can be manipulated.

It is the small unobstrusive foxes that destroys a vineyard.

this is a wonderful read, thanks for this thread guys!