New to Dusseldorf and desperately looking for work

Hello all.

My name is Barnaby and I'm from England, but have been travelling around Eastern and Southern Europe this year. I've been in Dusseldorf for since the 3rd of June and I'm trying really hard to find a job.

I'm a qualified English teacher, and teaching would be a logical next step for me, as it was my last position too. Regarding teaching; do you know anybody, or any inside information that can help me find a position? In addition, do you know the best ways of using small ads/classifieds to attract reliable work or private students?

I would also consider a placement outside of teaching altogether, provided that I can use my English. My German is poor right now, but improving quickly as I practice every day with my girlfriend who *is* German. Do you know where I can find a good English speaking job?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Hi !

Welcome in Dusseldorf :)
Did you find a job finally ? I'm coming a bit late and won't be of much help, I just googlised a bit, but did you try this ?
Dunno if they are still searching...

Otherwise, you can try on, I was quite amazed at the number of interviews I was proposed last time I needed it !

Good luck, and perhaps see ya one day in Dusseldorf !